Series 1: EP 1: How to Care for Your Paintings

We live in a time of great fascination and appreciation with mementos of the past.

Our new blog series, Tips of the Trade, will address how to care for objects of value, whether sentimental or monetary, from a grandparent’s folk art painting, to your mother’s vintage wedding gown.

Your Art Concierge Tips of the Trade blog series will give you practical advice and provide guidelines on polishing silver and furniture, from preserving a wedding dress for future generations, to properly hanging and lighting works of art.

Tips of the Trade blogs are an invaluable guide chock full of down-to-earth tips on caring for and storing beloved family treasures.

Enjoy the first blog entitled: "How to Care for Your Paintings"  from our new blog series!

How to Care for Your Paintings
Do's and Don'ts

  • Store and display paintings in temperate settings away from light sources, sun exposure, and heat sources
  • Do not hang your art above a fireplace mantle, or other area of extreme heat, soot, or moisture
  • Do not use picture lights directly over paintings as they cause hot spots on the painting surface
  • Carry a framed painting with the art facing you; support the bottom with one hand, the side with the other
  • Do not carry a painting by the top of the frame or stretcher
  • Periodically check the surface for missing or loose paint, tears in the canvas, or discoloration and dirt
  • Do not use a feather duster or cloth for dusting

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