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Caroline Ashleigh Appraisers & Auctioneers is an appraisal, auction, and consulting firm that provides services for private and corporate collectors, museums, galleries, law firms, insurance companies, and auction houses throughout the United States                                                                             Our Distinguished Clients: Celebrity Clients: Diana, Princess of Wales  Debby Reynolds American Actress Anna Moffo American Opera Singer Betty Buckley American Broadway Actress/Singer Nudie Cohn Celebrity Tailor Al Capone Estate - American Gangster James Dean Memorabilia Wynton Marsalis Jazz Musician Corporate Clients: Forbes Corporation Art Collection Kellogg Corporation Art Collection Dominos Corporation Art Collection Libby Glass Corporation Art and Glass Collection Fetzer Foundation Art, Antiques, and Sports Memorabilia Collection Kmart Corporation Art Collection Levi Strauss Corporation Dupont Museum Clients: Hollywood Motion Picture Museum - Los Angeles, C

Enticing New Clues About the Largest Unsolved Art Theft in History

  Recently my colleague Anne Igelbrink shared the following enticing new information that has come to light regarding the largest unsolved art heist in history: "I vividly remember waking up as a Wellesley undergraduate in 1990 to hear of the staggering theft of paintings and objects from the Isabella Steward Gardner museum in Boston. It included this seascape by Rembrandt--the only one he is known to have painted--along with two other works as well as those by Vermeer, Degas and Chinese bronzes. Despite many leads and an excellent recent documentary on Netflix (This is a Robbery), nothing has ever been recovered and it remains the world's biggest art heist. However, another tantalizing clue has recently emerged as Robert Calantropo, a Boston area jewelry appraiser and childhood friend of Bobby Donati, one of the key suspects, has confessed that he was shown the Napoleonic eagle finial which was also stolen. Donati was murdered in 1991 but being an eternal optimist, I hope thi

What We Are Reading Now.....

  Step onto the trails in The Artist's Path in 500 Walks , which takes readers around the world to the footpaths that inspired classic and contemporary works of art, music, and literature. Each walk is associated with a well-known artist, musician, or writer: the White Cliffs of Dover seen by Matthew Arnold, the landscapes of New Mexico through the eyes of Georgia O’Keeffe, the streets of Vienna once trodden by Beethoven, and many more. Each walk includes a description of the landscape, helpful tips for navigating the route, and insight into how the walk inspired the artist.

What We Are Reading Now...

  Antiques Roadshow Has a Renegade Message - " The Surprising Politics of Antiques Roadshow " by Stephen Lurie The show is about finding out how much your possessions are worth. But it has stayed popular because it values knowledge over money Photo: Courtesy Antiques Roadshow

Every Picture (Frame) Tells a Story

  These little known masterpieces invite you to look differently at hand-carved works of art designed to redirect light and attention to the paintings they surround. This image, from The Louvre' s Department of Paintings, pays tribute to the inventiveness and technical virtuosity of frame manufacturers, in Italy in the 16th century, Netherlands in the 17th century and in France in the 18th century Detail of a French frame from the 18th century

Kudos to our friend, former FBI Special Agent Wittman, who helped a family recover their heritage

  A Margaret Keane 'Big Eyes' painting stolen in 1972 has been returned to the family that owned it thanks to our friend and colleagues, former FBI Art Crime Team special agent Robert Wittman, and Heritage Auctions in Dallas, Texas. When interviewed by CNN, Wittman commented that it's common for stolen art to be rediscovered when someone tries to sell it. "That's why art theft is such a ridiculous crime because at some point, it's going to come back to the market. Even the 'Mona Lisa' was stolen, in 1911, and that was recovered within two years."

What Are the World's Most Expensive Sneakers Worth?

Kanye West's high-top Nike Air Yeezy 1s are now the world's most expensive sneakers which the rapper wore during his performance at the 2008 Grammy Awards A new world record was set in the collectible sneaker category, a market segment that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, gaining the same collectible status as art or jewelry. The sneakers were purchased by RARES, an online sneaker investment marketplace. RARES’ users can buy shares of a pair of shoes in the same way that investors purchase shares of a company. Brahm Wachter, head of streetwear and collectibles at Sotheby's, claims the shoes’ price "speaks volumes of Kanye's legacy as one of the most influential clothing and sneaker designers of our time, and of the Yeezy franchise he has built which has become an industry titan". Still guessing what these sneakers recently brought at auction? Fasten your seatbelt - a whopping $1.8 million!

This is a Robbery: The World's Biggest Art Heist

  Picture provided by the FBI showing the empty frames of missing paintings after the theft at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Netflix’s latest true crime documentary will revisit the infamous heist at Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum , an unsolved robbery in which a pair of thieves posing as policemen tied up a night watchmen and made off with 13 masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Degas, and Manet, collectively worth an estimated $500 million. There is still a $10 million reward for information leading to the paintings’ return, and it remains the most expensive art theft in US history. No one has ever been arrested or tried in connection with the case, leading to any number of theories about what really happened and where the paintings are. Both the Italian mafia and the Irish mob are suspected of being involved, and efforts to recover the works have spanned continents. This Is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist , comes out on April 7.