Caroline Ashleigh on Antiques Roadshow: Chaplin Mesh Purse

In this video clip, the owner of the purse approaches Caroline Ashleigh for advice on the value of the item. He describes that he bought it some 10 or 15 years ago for his wife, who liked the purse and is a Chaplin fan. Since that time, the purse had lain around their home and had not been used.

Caroline Ashleigh
asks the man how much he paid for it, to which he answers approximately $25. Following his disclosure, Caroline Ashleigh describes the history of the item, which was part of a limited edition set of purses, each depicting a famous celebrity. Furthermore, the purses were only available for a short time.

Subsequently, Caroline Ashleigh asks the man to guess what the purse is worth today. He provides an estimate of $125. Caroline Ashleigh appraises the item conservatively at over $600.

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