Repurposing with Cari Cucksey


In early 2010, TV talent scouts were looking for a female estate liquidator for a reality television show. One of those executives happened to land on Cari Cucksey’s website, called her, and the rest, shall we say, is Her-story

Soon to follow, producers came to Michigan and filmed twelve hours of Cari and her crew in action. The series was sold to HG-TV which premiered in January. The second season will begin filming in March, and there is talk of a third season. Some are now even predicting five to seven.

Cari’s house liquidation team is comprised of approximately 25 hardworking Michiganders who’ve been thrust into the national spotlight by the magic of television, just doing what they know how to do best. Take, for instance, Haas and Moe, the muscle in the show. Haas breaks it, and Moe (aka MacGyver) fixes it. And then there are, of course, all the lovely ladies on Cari's team who work to research, refurbish and Repurpose.

Having served as an expert art appraiser with Cari and the cast on the show, I can attest to the fact that there is a familial atmosphere built upon long standing relationships. And like many families, they seem to work extraordinarily well together in a sort of charmingly dysfunctional way, which makes for great TV. Be sure to tune in 10 p.m. Monday on HG-TV to meet some of my favorite new TV friends and family on Cash & Cari.

To read my upcoming article, and a complete question and answer session with Cari, please visit Antique Trader Magazine.

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